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The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is a specialty that helps those with disabilities caused by medical illness and accident-related injuries live independently by promoting their physical, mental, social, and potential abilities under a given condition. Rehabilitation treatment will be offered to patients having paralysis caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury, children with cerebral palsy and developmental retardation, and patients having difficulties in daily activities and a social life due to weakened cardiopulmonary functions by aging, chronic disorders, or pain related to a variety of muscular skeletal diseases.

As a demand for the improved quality of life increases in patients by recovering their damaged body functions and maximizing the ability to use the remaining functions beyond treating the disease itself, as medical technologies advance. To meet the needs, we strive to help patients live a normal life to the fullest by accurately diagnosing an impaired functioning and pain caused by various diseases, accidents, and damage in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) or peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system, and providing comprehensive rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Therefore, a team that consists of a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and a rehabilitation nurse offers a comprehensive and systematic treatment to each patient as well as continuous education on rehabilitation to patients and their families.



The Department of Orthopedics is a medical specialty that studies, treats, preserves, recovers, and develops the shapes and functions of the limbs, spine, and accessory organs in a medical, surgical, and physical manner. We are the most basic clinical area of musculoskeletal medicine, which provides a comprehensive treatment of joints including bones, cartilages, ligaments, and muscles that support their movement as well as the spine and spinal cord that constitute the backbone of human body. 

Eleven professors, thirteen clinical instructors, and twelve residents are committed to delivering a systematic and specialized medical services in the subdivisions of the spine, shoulder and elbow joints, hands and microsurgery, hip joints, knee joints, feet, pediatric orthopedics, bone and soft tissues, and tumors.

 Degenerative spinal disorders, congenital spine malformations, spine deformities, spinal fracture and injury
 Total replacement of various joints including knee and hip joints
 Arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment of various joints including knee and hip joints
 Microsurgery and reconstruction of hands with illness and trauma
 Diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of congenital malformations
 Removal of malign bone tumors and limb salvage
 Surgery and rehabilitation of sports injury and multiple trauma


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