Health Screening Programs

  • International Marian P(PET)

    • Male   :   8,000,000 KRW    /     Female  :   8,300,000 KRW
    Section Detail
    Physical Measurement
    • Height, Weight, Body composition analysis, Waist circumference
    Ophthalmologic Exam
    • Visual acuity, Intraocular pressure, Fundus Photography
    • Detailed ophthalmologic tests(Refraction and Accommodation, Slit-lamp), Optical CT(Retina & Glaucoma)
    Audiometry Exam
    • Audiometry exam
    Blood Test
    • Blood type test(ABO&Rh), Complete Blood Count, Liver function, Kidney function, Diabetes, Uric acid, Thyroid function, Lipid, Electrolytes, Hepatitis type A/B/C, Syphilis, AIDS, Vitamin D, Blood coagulation, Insulin, Detailed blood test for Anemia (Iron, Ferritin, Total iron binding capacity), Rheumatoid factor, Additional tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergy test(Respiratory 62 species, Food 62 species), Detailed blood test for Osteoporosis (Parathyroid hormone), Factor of Arteriosclerosis
    • Male : Male hormone(Testosterone) / Female : Female hormones(LH, FSH, Estradiol, Prolactin)
    Tumor marker
    • Tumor marker (Colon, Liver, Pancreas, Thyroid, Bladder, Peripheral blood smear)
    • Male : Tumor marker(Prostate) / Female: Tumor marker(Ovary, Breast)
    Stool, Urine Exam
    • Stool exam(Occult blood, Parasite, Protozoa)
    • Urinalysis(10 Species including Glucose, Specific gravity, pH, Color, Hematuria)
    • Precise Urinalysis(Microalbumin, Creatinine, Total protein)
    Pulmonologic Exam
    • Pulmonary function test, Chest X-ray, Low dose Chest CT
    Cardiovascular Exam
    • Blood pressure, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, Coronary artery 3D CT, Carotid Ultrasonography, Pulse wave velocity measurement
    Gastroenterologic Exam
    • Abdominal Ultrasonography, Abdomen & Pelvic CT, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy & Colonoscopy under conscious sedation
    Endocrinologic Exam
    • Thyroid Ultrasonography, Bone densitometry
    Brain Exam
    • Brain MRI & MRA
    Spinal Exam
    • Spinal MRI & X-ray (Select either Cervical spine or Lumbar spine)
    • PET-CT(Torso + Brain)
    Test for Male
    • Prostate Ultrasonography
    Test for Female Gynecologic Exam
    • Cytological screening of uterine cervix(Liquid-based Cytology), HPV(Human Papilloma Virus), Pelvic Ultrasonography
    Breast Exam
    • Mammography, Breast Ultrasonography
    • Pre-medical consultation, Physical fitness assessment, Personally assigned nurse's guidance

    * Additional service : CD copy for image test results