Health Screening Programs

  • International Marian S

    • Male   :   5,700,000 KRW    /     Female  :   6,000,000 KRW
    Section Detail
    Physical Measurement
    • Height, Weight, Body composition analysis, Waist circumference
    Ophthalmologic Exam
    • Visual acuity, Intraocular pressure, Fundus Photography
    • Detailed ophthalmologic tests(Refraction and Accommodation, Slit-lamp)
    Audiometry Exam
    • Audiometry exam
    Blood Test
    • Blood type test(ABO&Rh), Complete Blood Count, Liver function, Kidney function, Diabetes, Uric acid, Thyroid function, Lipid, Electrolytes, Hepatitis type A/B/C, Syphilis, AIDS, Vitamin D, Blood coagulation, Insulin, Detailed blood test for Anemia (Iron, Ferritin, Total iron binding capacity), Rheumatoid factor, Additional tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergy test(Respiratory 62 species, Food 62 species)
    • Male : Male hormone(Testosterone) / Female : Female hormones(LH, FSH, Estradiol, Prolactin)
    Tumor marker
    • Tumor marker (Colon, Liver, Pancreas, Peripheral blood smear)
    • Male : Tumor marker(Prostate) / Female : Tumor marker(Ovary)
    Stool, Urine Exam
    • Stool exam(Occult blood, Parasite, Protozoa)
    • Urinalysis(10 Species including Glucose, Specific gravity, pH, Color, Hematuria)
    Pulmonologic Exam
    • Pulmonary function test, Chest X-ray, Low dose Chest CT
    Cardiovascular Exam
    • Blood pressure, Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, Coronary artery 3D CT, Carotid Ultrasonography, Pulse wave velocity measurement
    Gastroenterologic Exam
    • Abdominal Ultrasonography, Abdomen & Pelvic CT, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy & Colonoscopy under conscious sedation
    Endocrinologic Exam
    • Thyroid Ultrasonography, Bone densitometry
    Brain Exam
    • Brain MRI & MRA
    Test for Male
    • Prostate Ultrasonography
    Test for Female Gynecologic Exam
    • Cytological screening of uterine cervix(Liquid-based Cytology), HPV(Human Papilloma Virus), Pelvic Ultrasonography
    Breast Exam
    • Mammography, Breast Ultrasonography
    • Pre-medical consultation, Physical fitness assessment, Personally assigned nurse's guidance

    * Additional service : CD copy for image test results