Health Renaissance for you

As the very first total health screening center in Korea in 1980,
the Health Promotion Center of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital was renewed on March 23, 2009.

Lifetime Partners for you We provide personalized health care guidelines so that you can systematically manage your health
by analyzing the results of checkup and lifestyle.

Top Specialists for You We provide the best service with highly experienced and specialized doctors and medical staffs
in each department. And a professional health examination team composed of nurses, radiologists,
clinical pathologists, nutritionists, exercise prescribers and administrative personnel is with you.

High Technology for You By having all cutting-edge equipment including in-housed CT & MRI in one place, we provide convenience to clients,
and it enables us to provide more faster and accurate results.

Comfortable Space for You The elegant and eco-friendly interior provides a pleasant and comfortable space to customers.
Your movement has been minimized and space utilization maximized to make you feel comfortable and convenient.