International Health Care Center

“Welcome to Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital! Welcome to the International Health Care Center!”

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, dedicated to provide professional medical services and conduct medical research is making continued efforts to play a leading role in the international medical world as an university hospital affiliated to the Catholic University of Korea School of Medicine with 7 other hospitals in Korea and the Catholic Research Institute of Medical Science.

Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital has a comprehensive health care system composed of 41 clinical departments with 183 special clinics and 23 special clinical centers.

International Health Care Center

The International Health Care Center has highly qualified medical staffs dedicated to provide high-quality medical services to international patients who are living or traveling in Korea and to the patients from overseas as well.

The staffs and services

The International Health Care Center is staffed by doctors, nurses or coordinators who can communicate fluently in English, Russian, Japanese, French, Chinese and Korean. The staffs are fully prepared to serve the medical needs of foreigners or oversea patients and provide them with all health information they need.

The Director of International Health Care Center, a primary care physician born and trained in France (Dr. Jin-Ju Ok) provides to international patients consultations for primary care, basic health check-ups, counseling and care before travels (providing information related to the prevention of tropical diseases, immunizations and prescriptions of drug such as anti-malarial drugs as needed before travel) at the International Health Care Center to international patients.

Dr. Sheng-Min Wang (a Korea-born Chinese who can speak Korean, Chinese, and English very friendly), an attending physician and a board-certified psychiatrist of Korea, provides primary care, psychiatric treatment, and physical as well as mental health promotion.

Dr. Ji Yeon Lee, is a Korea-born American physician who possesses double-board certification in Internal Medicine in Korea and America. She is also an American board certified Rheumatologist. She provides medical care for primary medical problems as well as rheumatologic and musculoskeletal problems to international patients.

When patients need further consultations in specialty departments or specialized centers, they will be transferred to the relevant clinics with appropriate interpreting services and continuous support from the staffs of the International Health Care Center.

Dr. Rapovka, Russian Medical Doctor specialized in cardiovascular surgery, is graduated from Vladivostok Medical University in Russia and has finished a fellowship at Asan Medical Center in Seoul. He is coordinating the care of Russian patients.

The Efficient one-stop medical service

International patients are provided with efficient one-stop medical services, including examinations, diagnosis, treatment, medical report and insurance forms in English, Russian, Japanese, French.

The Emergency Medical system

The Seoul St. Mary`s Hospital provides efficient 24 hours emergency medical services to foreign patients who need an immediate medical care. The Emergency Center is located at the first floor of the main building and a fluent English speaking physician is ready for providing emergency care to the patients 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

In case of emergency, please contact to the physician on duty: +82-2-2258-2003~5

Personal care

Each patient will receive professional care from our highly-skilled staffs individually. In the International Health Care Center, the physician provides an initial examination, relevant tests and appropriate treatments and if needed, you will be referred to the appropriate specialty departments or specialized centers for other consultations with a continuous support from the International Health Care Center during all your stay in the hospital. Even after you leave the hospital, our staffs remain available to communicate with you by phone to ensure your well-being.