For Inpatients

    1. Step 1 Hospitalization Procedures
    2. Step 2 International Health Care Center
      • Appointment for hospitalization
      • If you have an international insurance policy, you can ask us and have a consultation regarding a direct billing claim settlement
    3. Step 3 Hospitalization

    Preparation for hospitalization

    • If you want, you can be provided with the items that you will need during the hospitalization (such as a water bottle, a cup, slippers, towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, razor and tissues) and the related cost will be added to your bill at the time of discharge. You need to bring your own underwear, diapers (needed after delivery). On the day of discharge from delivery, you need to have your personal items for the new born baby, including a baby blanket and a nursing bottle.


    Admission procedure

    • In the case we can not get guaranty from your insurance company, you will need a payment guarantor with Korean citizenship who will sign the admission agreement form for payment guarantee. Then, a patient room will be assigned to you and additional information will be given including hospital procedures.

    During Your Stay

    • The staff of the International Health Care center will continue to provide all the support you need.
    • You will be given a patient's gown to wear in the hospital.


    • Korean style meals and western style meals are available. You will be asked to choose your meal in advance when you get admitted. If there is a certain food that you don’t want, fill out the checklist and submit it to the nurse so that the ingredient can be excluded from your meal.


    • The doctors usually make their rounds in each ward from 7:00-8:00am and 17:00-19:00pm. (These times can vary according to the doctors’ schedule.)

    Emergency Calls

    • An emergency call button is located directly next to your bed. Please push the button if you need an immediate assistance.
    • An emergency call button is also located in your bathroom and in all the public bathrooms of the hospital.


    • A kitchen is located at the entrance of the west ward near to the elevators. You can get hot and cold water there at any time.
    • You are NOT allowed to use any kitchenware for heating up the food in your room. Please use the microwave oven located in the kitchen.
    1. Step 1 Doctor’s approval for discharge
    2. Step 2 International Health Care Center
      • Payment for medical services and receiving a receipt in English
    3. Step 3 International Health Care Center
      • Receiving medications, explanations on cautions after discharge, explanations on discharge procedures and medical certificate or report as needed

    Medical Report

    • If you need a medical certificate or report, please inform your nurse or the International Health Care Center in advance. Once the doctor has signed your medical certificate, you will be expected to pay for your certificate at the time of discharge.
      ※ In case of delivery, a Birth Certificate will be issued to you automatically upon discharge.


    • Your physician will decide your discharge date depending on your condition and notify expected discharge date to you in advance. Payment, which is can be made by credit card or cash (in Korean won), should be made in the International Health Care Center on the day of your discharge, unless your insurance company covers the cost.
      Once your payment is made, you will receive a receipt in English. Please check that you have received all the medication prescriptions and made follow-up appointments prior to your discharge.