Information on Emergency Medical Treatment

  1. Step 1 Reception
    • After filling out a medical application form for the Emergency Room, submit it to the Emergency Room reception/payment window. (Medical card for a retreatment patient)
    • Please go straight to the Delivery Room on the 9th floor when you are visiting.
    • If you visited the Middle East within the last 14 days and have fever or respiratory illness, please visit the screening clinic at the entrance of the Emergency Room.
  2. Step 2 Preliminary medical treatment

    Entry into the triage of the Emergency Center

  3. Step 3 Medical treatment

    Determine whether you will be hospitalized or return to your home after medical treatment

  4. Step 4 Discharge from the hospital
    • If the decision to be discharged from the hospital is made, receive a certificate of discharge procedure completion after payment at the emergency hospital business (receiving an appointment card for the next outpatient medical treatment if necessary).
    • Return home after submitting the certificate of discharge procedure completion, confirming receipt of discharge medicines and indications.