Parking info

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  • Free Parking Information

    For free parking, please present your medical treatment card or medical expense receipt when leaving the parking lot (Can be settled in advance at an unmanned payment machine)

    Free parking hours
    Outpatient medical care, examination and treatment 8 hours on the same day (once for a car)
    Hospitalization, discharge, and operation The same day (once for a car)
    Interim payment and appointment 2 hours on the same day (once for a car)
    Emergency Room medical treatment 24 hours after parking (once for a car)

    Parking Fees

    50% discount for handicapped and decorated persons. Please present your registration card at the time of payment.

    Hours parked Fee details Free hours
    Daytime 6:00 ~ 22:00 1,000 won per 15 minutes after exceeding the free parking time 30 minutes free after entry
    Nighttime 22:00 ~ 6:00 1,000 won
    • It is convenient to purchase a day ticket (10,000 won/day) at the parking information desk on B1 (only for inpatient guardians).
    • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. We are not responsible for any theft.
    • Please depart within 15 minutes after payment at an advance unmanned payment machine. (Only for general visitors)

    Registering a Parking Vehicle at the Unmanned Payment Machine

    1. 1 Select parking vehicle registration.
    2. 2 Query the patient number.
    3. 3 Select the vehicle number registration
    4. 4 Enter the four digits of the vehicle plate.
    5. 5 Inquire incoming time.

    Scale of the Parking Lot

    B1 22 cars (8 handicapped parking spaces)
    B2 253 cars (13 handicapped parking spaces)
    B3 415 cars (11 handicapped parking spaces)
    B4 422 cars (9 handicapped parking spaces)
    B5 436 cars (9 handicapped parking spaces

    Entrance and exit gates: 5 places (Main Gate 2, Back Gate 2, Annex 1)

    • 차량번호를 등록하시면 입/출차 시 신속한 입/출차 서비스를 받으실 수 있습니다.
    • 차량번호 등록을 위해서는 서울성모병원 환자 등록번호가 있어야 합니다.
    • 적용환자 1명당 최대 5대의 차량번호 등록이 가능하며, 당일 진료 받은 환자에 한하여 1대만 무료입니다. 할인적용은 출차순으로 됩니다.