Volunteer Service

“The world becomes a more beautiful place when we love each other.”

  • The Roles of Volunteer Workers.
  • Visit patients and provide them with spiritual and physical support.
  • Follow the regulations on disease prevention, control and treatment according to the hospital's policies and social conditions.
  • Answer patients' questions during their stay at the hospital.
  • Assist simple and repetitious processes- Assist medical treatment.
  • Listen to the complaints of hospital visitors and relay the message to the hospital administration to solve problems.
  • Provide services based on knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital is open to anyone who wishes to serve the patients as volunteer?workers. (Information : Seoul St. Mary's Hospital Volunteer Service Center)

Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities
Volunteer Team Volunteer Activities
Visit Patients Visit patients, talk to them, pray for them, guide them to Mass and confession, nurse them, give them a haircut, etc...
Information Assist information desks on the 1st and 2nd floor, reception, prescription, hospitalization/discharge procedures, write for patients, etc...
Library Manage a library for patients and their families
Outpatient Organize/transport charts, pass out prescriptions, assist patients, etc...
Intensive Care Pray for patients, bathe them, etc...
Playroom Drawing, paper art, coloring, story telling, puzzles, etc...
Surgery Room Say a prayer before surgery and assist surgeons
Religion Prepare for Mass, explain about Mass, clean the chapel, etc...
Central Support Fold surgical sponge, pack cotton pads, wind silk thread, fold pads for burn patients, etc...
Pharmaceutical Open pill bottles and put stickers on them
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