“The Hospice Center brings new hope to patients and helps terminal patients maintain their dignity.”

We are here to provide professional medical treatment, supporting our patients and staff in spiritual ways.

What is a hospice?

The hospice provides a loving service for the terminally ill and their families. This includes maintaining a high quality of life during terminal illness and helping patients to live the last moments of life in a humane and peaceful way. It includes helping the patient's family to cope with their suffering and sadness.

Who is eligible to be a hospice patient?

Terminally ill people who are expected to die within six months. After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy or when other medical treatments are not expected to be effective. Patients who need to control pain and other symptoms of sickness. Those patients who are fully conscious and able to communicate.

Hospice's Team of Specialists

A highly qualified, specially trained team of hospice professionals and volunteers who work together to meet the physical, social, spiritual, and economic needs of the hospice patient/family facing terminal illness and bereavement. Physicians monitor the patient‘s progress and prescribe the necessary medicine for symptom management and pain control (Palliative Medicine). Nurses provide physical, psychological and spiritual care based on their professional knowledge and experience. Social workers offer social and emotional support. They help patients with financial problems, and aid in the utilization of community social resources. Pastoral counselors offer spiritual counseling. They provide contact for the appropriate pastoral care giver of the patients' choice. Volunteers give support and friendship to the patients and their families, including practical help as well as assistance in program management. Pharmacists, dieticians, and therapists also work together to help patient and family alike.

Hospice unit

A unit where the terminally-ill patient can be hospitalized for uncontrollable pain and other symptoms. The hospice team provides continuous holistic care to make the patient comfortable.

Scattered Hospice Service

The hospice team visits the patient admitted to the general ward in order to control their pain and symptoms and provide psychosocial and spiritual support.

Home Care Hospice Service

After a patient and his family have returned home after receiving hospice care, the hospice team continues to visit them to provide any necessary care.

Bereaved Family Support Service

For one year after a patient's death, emotional support is given to the bereaved family, by sending sympathy cards and making consolatory phone calls. Once a year families are invited to a memorial mass followed by a time for sharing. Through sharing their experiences, recovery from their suffering and bereavement is enhanced.

Information about the Hospice Outpatient Department (OPD) schedule and Hospice Facilities

  • OPD schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning (10:00~11:30)
  • Required documents : Letter of referral and recommendation from physician, and recent examination documents (CT, MRI, etc.).
  • Hospice unit Single occupant's room, 4 occupants' room, 5 occupants' room (total of 16 beds).


For patients registered with Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital

For patients referred from another heath care facility

To understand more about the hospice

General public Hospice level 1 Basic Training (15 hrs.) Hospice level 2 Advanced Training (15 hrs.) · Specialized Training in various departments and Field Trip Program

What is the Hospice Supporters' Association?

Each member of the Hospice Supporters' Association whole-heartedly assists financially needy patients with partial medical fees and the patients' families with partial funeral expenses, provides a meal service, and publishes a newspaper as part of their volunteer service.

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