Greetings from the President

President of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

Greetings! I am Tae-Kon Hwang, the president of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you for your interest in and support for Seoul St. Mary's Hospital.

Since its establishment in 1980, Gangnam St. Mary's Hospital has been striving to treat mental and physical illnesses for almost three decades. In March 2009, it was reborn with a new, cutting-edge infrastructure as Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, with the aim of establishing a new medical culture.

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital represents the Catholic Medical Center with world-class medical staff and advanced medical equipment. With 22 upper floors, 6 basements and 1320 sickbeds, it is the largest among Korean hospitals consisting of a single building.

As the representative hospital of the Catholic Church, we will follow the example set by Jesus Christ and strive to heal people suffering from illness and disease. We will nurture students to practice medicine with a dignified sense of duty, spread love to the poor and neglected through advanced medical services, and conduct creative research with Catholic ethics to become an exemplary hospital that is loved by all.

We pledge to provide every patient with "prompt, caring treatment and world-class medical services" based on an "everlasting spirit of respect for life," at our "specialized, patient-oriented hospital equipped with the most advanced medical systems and environment-friendly facilities.“

We look forward to your continued interest in Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, as we intensify our endeavors to fulfill the role of a true healer with our advanced medical services. We wish all visitors to this website happiness and joy in your family life.

Thank you.


Tae-Kon Hwang

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